Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Go Solar WNY‘s NABCEP Certified Professional will evaluate your property for a safe, effective and efficient solar installation.

In addition to the same tax credits and NY-SUN incentives that make Roof Top Solar systems very popular, ground mounted solar systems offer certain flexibility and advantages when ample ground space is available on your property.

10.4 KW Ground Mount Solar Site in Ransomville, NY for mixed residential & commercial use

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Ground Mount Solar Array by Go Solar WNY utilizing Ground Screw Racking System

A properly designed Ground Mount solar array will produce power year round in Western New York

Advantages of Ground Mount Solar Arrays

  • Ground Mounted Solar Systems can be positioned facing due South, the ideal direction for the sun’s most direct rays.
  • Solar Panels can be tilted to the optimum angle to maximize your solar array’s electric production.
  • Snow Removal is easy and convenient on ground mounted systems, while snow removal on roof top systems is never recommended and must be accounted for by oversizing your system to produce extra energy in good weather months. Snow free solar panels produce very well during winter day light hours due to the colder temperatures which naturally increase the array’s voltage.
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranties virtually guarantee you will save tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of your rooftop solar system.
Ask your Go Solar WNY professional about ultra-efficient, high quality LED lighting upgrades for your home or business. Because it makes good sense to reduce your energy needs before we build a system to produce all of your energy.

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