LED Lighting & LED Installation

LED Lighting is an elegant and intelligent upgrade to your home or business.  Go Solar WNY’s technicians are passionate about LED lighting for a variety of reasons.  You will be too once you experience the upgraded quality of light, beauty and financial savings that LED lighting will contribute to your home or place of business.  

  • LED lighting fixtures and bulbs are beautiful
  • LED lighting reduces eye strain, fatigue and headaches often caused by long hours under fluorescent lights
  • LED bulbs typically burn over 85% LESS energy than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.  That’s a tremendous difference that multiplies your cost savings by every bulb you upgrade to LED.
  • LED bulbs typically burn about 33-50% of equivalent fluorescent bulbs with much better quality, more pleasant light.  Furthermore, LED bulbs last much longer – often twice as long – as fluorescents which mean lower maintenance costs and less hassle of replacing bulbs.

Just think of how many light switches you flip on in a single day.  Lighting is very important to our quality of life. Upgrade yours and enjoy the benefit of tremendous cost savings in a brighter, more pleasant setting.

Ask your Go Solar WNY representative how we can help you upgrade to LED lighting.

LED lamps provide beautiful & efficient lighting

LED Hi Bay lamps for warehouse space

LED retrofit lighting for schools and businesses

Specialty Lighting Applications

LED Savings Example - Commercial Office

This Cheektowaga, NY office building manager requested Go Solar WNY’s service to improve the outdated lighting throughout their office building.  The offices and common hallways were poorly lit and the owners were naturally interested in saving money on the building’s electric bill. The office building was evaluated by Go Solar WNY.  

By upgrading the outdated four foot T8 fluorescent tubes in key areas, the office is now realizing an annual savings of $762.40 in energy costs.  This will result in a total lifetime savings of $8,142.45! Best of all, the office tenants are enjoying higher quality, brighter and more pleasant lighting throughout the building and won’t need to worry about changing these bulbs for over ten years!



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Office LED Lighting Upgrade

There are three good reasons to have a professional evaluate the lighting throughout your office:

  • Savings – Find out exactly how much the lights in your business are costing you to burn and easily compare with the cost of running better, ultra-efficient LED bulbs.  A typical 5-10 person office will save over $2,000 by upgrading to LED’s and a Go Solar WNY energy evaluator can show you exactly how much you’ll save every time you switch on a light.
  • Brighter Light – Many customers express that they’re having trouble seeing what they’re doing in parts of their office that are too dim.  Your bulbs are dimming with age (all lightbulbs dim over time). LED bulbs can provide better quality, longer-lasting light throughout your home with brighter light in needed areas.
  • Going Solar – for business owner’s who are going solar to reduce or eliminate their electric bill, simple measures like upgrading to LED light bulbs is a must.  Solar power & LED lights were a match made in heaven.
Office LED Lighting

Commercial Lighting Evaluation Offer

Go Solar WNY’s one-time fee for a commercial lighting evaluation is only $250, which includes a complete report of your business electricity use from lighting and an assessment of how many thousands of dollars you’ll save by going LED. In fact, if we can’t save you at least $2,500 with an LED upgrade, there is no charge for the assessment.

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